Mom was busy when doorbell rang with prank pizza delivery.But when he opens box—mouth drops

Then they revealed it was a setup
December 6, 2017 9:50 am Last Updated: December 6, 2017 4:50 pm

Millions of Americans have accumulated student loan debt; it’s pretty much the norm now in America. There are multiple ways to pay them off, but for many, it takes years to do so—especially for people who want to start a family.

Nikki and Christian are one such couple. Struggling with student loan debt as young parents, they told their story to WLWT5 News, hoping to further open a discussion on the issue. Nikki was thousands of dollars in debt from going to school.

The couple had been saving up for months to put their money towards her loans, but having a young daughter and living in a house only meant it would take even longer for them to pay it off, even though they have been saving to do so.

But during the interview, they were interrupted.

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It was a “pizza delivery man,” who showed up in full uniform.

“I’ve got a pizza for Nicole,” he told Christian.

But the couple didn’t order pizza. Plus, it was morning, meaning the average pizzeria wasn’t open yet. What was going on?

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Once Nikki came to the door, the man handed what he said was a “breakfast pizza,” which she opened to reveal something life-changing.

The man was a member of Fifth Third Bank, and he gave Nikki a check for $37,000 on behalf of the bank to help pay her student loans!

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The interview was set up as a way to surprise the family with the great news. The couple had previously enrolled in a Fifth Third Bank, but they didn’t know that the enrollment signed them up for the Fifth Third Bank Momentum Sweepstakes, which is a program that helps a lucky winner pay off any outstanding loans. And sure enough, Nikki and Christian had won!

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“My payment was about $500 a month,” Nikki told WLWT News. “You think about how that will build up when it is being saved for (my daughter’s) education.”

It’s nice to see she’s already looking towards the future, and is using the money she was going to use for her education towards her daughter’s.

Christian pointed out how this changed his life forever.

“It makes me a better person and I will try to teach other people,” he said.

In an instant, the couple had a huge financial burden off their chest forever. The generosity of the bank will surely have an impact on Nikki and Christian for years to come.

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